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Up until the end 

[GxB] [Suspense, Romance, Friendship]

Story :

This was supposed to be an ordinary day, in an ordinary life. But it isn't.
You were in the town library, reading a good book when…You don't really remember. You know you passed out. When you wake up, you are surrounded by flames !

Will you get out of danger? Will you create bonds with your companions? And maybe, will you find love on the way?

"Up until the end" is a visual novel centered around its engaging story and endearing characters. The protagonist's personality is shaped by the numerous choices by the player. Throughout the game, you will be able to create bonds and a romance may bloom. With more than fifteen endings, invest yourself in this adventure and discover how these beloved characters's lives are changed forever.

Content Warnings: Mature content ( Violence )


  • Protagonist's name can be changed.
  • ~ 105 000 words
  • One romanceable character ( But you can also finish the game without romance )
  • Multiple endings
  • Original Art
  • Free ( Pay what you want )


This is a game entirely made by myself and it is the first visual novel I'm making, but I hope you'll enjoy playing it ! 

Other links:

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Full game released!

I'd like to know your thoughts about the game!

Here's a little survey but if you want to give me your comments without it, go ahead.

  • Who is your favorite and least favorite character and why?
  • How did you heard about this game? (Twitter, lemmmasoft, friends, etc…)
  • What did you like the most about the game and what did you like the least?
  • Any other comments?

Thank you for your support!

You can contact me via email : letigamevisualnovel@gmail.com

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreVisual Novel, Simulation
Made withRen'Py
Tags2D, Anime, Dating Sim, Multiple Endings, otoge, Otome, Ren'Py, Romance
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksBlog, Twitter, Facebook


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Is there a walkthrough?

Sorry for the late reply! 

No, there isn't a walkthrough, though if you want to achieve a certain ending/type of ending, you can email me at letigamevisualnovel@gmail.com, and I'd be happy to guide you in the right direction! 

Again sorry for the late reply, I hope you enjoy the game.

I really loved this game. It brought me such as peace and love. I can't describe in words how I fell in love with all the characters, but I must say that my favorite ones are Erika, Matt and the main character.

I has became one of my favorite games and I will remember it forever and ever. I found it in Steam while searching for Visual Novel games and this is the first one I chose. Please I want to know more about them I don't care if it is a comic or whatever but I have the need to know more and to play more games from you. Thank you so much for making this wonderful game and I hope this game will arrive to everyone's hearts. 


You're just too kind ! You can't imagine how your words makes me happy ! 

It's one of the reason that I want to make games : To make people loves the story and feel attached to the characters, so I'm soo happy that you loved them! 

Thank you again 😊

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Wow, I went in knowing I'd be playing an interesting game, but didn't expect to suddenly discover one of those stories that stick with you for a very long time.

I've played hundreds of visual novels, read hundreds of stories, and this one is one of the few that will stick with me for a long time as it moved me to my core. I really loved your writing, and loved how you made me connect with these characters even with more minimal dialogue than I've normally seen. Being able to tell a story by using subtext, character actions and the other elements (sound, visuals, etc) is such a powerful way of storytelling that modern day filmmakers would be shaking in their knees seeing how you pulled it off. I have the upmost respect for writers that trust their audience enough to experience an emotional story without completely holding their hand with dialogue. There's so much unsaid that conveys so much in this story. Maybe you weren't thinking that much about it as you were writing it yourself, and I am merely overthinking it, but even so it seriously works amazing because I really liked how powerful the subtlety is in this game.

I agree with what the last comment said about writing a child that isn't annoying LOL! Super happy about that and loved the character design overall. I loved how they slowly changed as people, nothing felt abrupt whatsoever nor forced. And let me tell you, there's not a lot of visual novels I can say that about when it comes to characters and relationships in VNs. Not even just for the characters but the entire story too. It flowed nicely and was written beautifully. 

The sound and music you used was super fitting, by the way. I was thinking how it set the mood and kept me on edge the entire gameplay. There's just something about it that makes you feel desolate and paranoid, and it really helped me connect to the character's feelings more. I've heard some of the music appear in other games, and I'd have to say this this is one of the few games that the music didn't sound cheesy nor over-the-top for. Really love how atmospheric this game was overall.

I really loved everything, I just wished there was more information on the organization! And about this world in general. It's hard to let this world go from my mind without learning more about it. But this first game ended where it did fittingly, at least for the ending I got (which I assume is the 'true' or happy ending choices). I wish the world was a bit more developed just because I'm so curious! But anyhow, I am so happy to have read this amazing journey from you. You deserve way more recognition from this game. I really hope you plan to make future works!


  • Who is your favorite and least favorite character and why?

          -  Really hard to say! If I had to choose, probably Matt. He's super selfless. Or George, since that level of human kindness is hard to find nowadays.

  • How did you heard about this game? (Twitter, lemmmasoft, friends, etc…)

          -  Either from here or steam!

  • What did you like the most about the game and what did you like the least?
  •     -  Most: Pacing and subtlety
        -  Least: I just would like the world to be more fleshed out! Maybe more detail or length of time spent in intimate, bonding moments with the characters, as the moments seem to pass quickly in this game. I don't dislike what was written already though. And maybe longer endings!

Thank you so much for your detailed comment! 

I'm so happy that you liked it 😊
It means so much to me that you were moved by the story! 
The story and characters are really what matters the most for me when I play visual novel so I'm just so glad that it's what you loved the most. 

I understand that you would've liked to have more information about the organization and the world in general. The same goes for the more details and length spent in intimate moments, I take good note of this for my next project :p 

I have to say this again: Thank you so much. Your comment brings a big smile to my face and makes me want to work even more on my next project.

By the way, when my next project will be ready for it (not before quite a long time, it's progressing slowly but steadily) I'd be very happy if you'd want to be part of the beta test for it! I'd love to have your input on the storytelling and characters of my next project.

I still haven't completely finished the game (I managed to get 2 endings) but I really like from start to finish :) The main characters are all so likeable and charming, even Erika, knowing how hard is to make a kid character without being annoying, it surprised me how she was written. It's hard to pick a favorite character when they are so likeable (specially the main trio and the MC) but I think George was my favourite character even if he wasn't there for that long.            *****SPOILERS AHEAD*****

 I was kinda suspicious of how kind he was from the beginning and got paranoid that he was with the bad guys or something, I'm so glad I was wrong at the end.

It's hard to pick a least favourite character, so I guess the bad guys themselves are the one I dislike the most.

If there's a thing I guess I disliked about the game is how the endings were a bit short/abrupt? It would've been nice to have an epilogue or something.

Anyway sorry for the very long test, but I really did enjoy the game, I look forward to your future projects! :)

Thank you so much for your kind words! 

I'm so happy that you like it 😊
I was afraid while writing Erika too because kids tend to annoy me in games >< 
I understand that you were suspicious of George! But he is just a sweet old man :) 

I understand what you're saying about the ending! It's true that they are quite short. As there are so many I figured that it would be hard to make them really long. But I keep that in mind for my next projects! 

Thank you again for your comment 😊❀

My favourite character is erica she is such a sweet girl. I dont have a least favourite character maby the vet guy he wassnt really nice. 

I diddnt hear about the game i found it by luck on steam.

The things i like the most on this game is the relationship between the 4 characters their teamwork,the many choices you got to make and also many endings am a big fan of games with many choices and endings. And the thing i like the least in this game is SPOILER ALERT 

Amanda's death that scene really made me sad 

i really love this game and i hope we see or hear more from you in the future with other great visual novels just like this 

Thank you for your review! 

I'm happy you liked Erika, it's true that she's really sweet :) 
I'm glad you found the game on steam! It was worth the work to put it on the platform 😊

I hope that you liked most of the endings you got :p 
And I understand for the "scene" that made you sad, I was so sad writing it >< 

Thank you for your kind and sweet words, it's really meaningful to me! 
I will work hard on my next project and I hope you'll like it too :)

I really enjoyed this game, which was longer than I expected it to be and had a plot that set it apart from most other visual novels; I appreciated the fact that romance was optional and that it could develop at a more 'realistic' pace if you did decide to pursue it, with both options being equally valid in the narrative. The thriller-suspense storyline kept things interesting and gave the plot more narrative heft, making me actually weigh my decisions because it felt like the wrong one could easily get one or more characters killed. The characters all felt believable and reacted in believable ways, including the MC, with the many options determining their actions and reactions spanning a broad range of possibilities. I liked that I could choose certain options in one situation, say determined or angry, and then choose shy or playful options later without being locked out of other personality-based choices or being penalized for it.

Though there were some grammar/spelling errors and the character art was middling, it effectively conveyed the story and some of the background art was especially nice, notably the wheat field and the beach. The amount of endings is impressive considering that most are pretty different from each other rather than being mostly the same with only small variations. I kept playing because I wanted to see how the story ended and learn more about the mysterious conspiracy, and as the game went on it managed to create tension over the idea of being captured, framed and having to flee a shadowy foe. I liked Best End 1 because it was domestic and cute, but True End 1 is my favorite because it feels like the last scene in the first installment of a series. Overall, I'm glad I played it and I enjoyed it thoroughly!

Favorite Character: George! Haha, well, I liked all of the main characters about equally but I really appreciated George for being a cool old guy who shows the main cast kindness and understanding that probably saved their lives multiple times. I never take the option to steal from him when it comes up!

Least Favorite Character: Like I said, I liked all of the main characters equally but naming a minor characters or 'the bad guys' seems like a non-answer. If I had to pick which main character I least liked I'd say Amanda, but that doesn't mean I dislike her-- It just feels like her personality doesn't come through as strongly as the others' do, or maybe she has a more gentle personality so it doesn't demand as much attention.

Heard About This Game By: Browsing this site!

What I Liked Most: The main plot stands on its own and is completely separate from the romance plot, which you can start or ignore as you prefer; most games that feature romance weld it to the main plot and don't give you the option to not be in a relationship, especially visual novels, and I appreciated that it wasn't the case here.

What I Liked The Least: I can't really think of anything. The spelling/grammar errors I noted above and the character art could be improved, but neither really got in the way of the storytelling or negatively affected my experience with the game so I don't consider them real problems.

Thank you so much for your very detailed review! 

I'm so happy that you enjoyed it and that you liked multiple endings!
I'm so surprised to see Georges as your favorite character XD I'm very happy that it's the case! When I wrote him, I imagined him like your grumpy old man that has a very gentle heart. 
I understand that your "least" favorite is Amanda, it can happen that we pay less attention to her than Matt or Erika that have strong characteristics.
I'm glad you liked the fact that you're not forced into the relationship with Matt. It's one thing that I don't like with most visual novels, sometimes I just want to enjoy the story or I simply don't want to romance the love interest.

I take note of the spelling/grammar errors and the character art! I will try to improve that for my next project :) 

Again, thank you for your detailed review, it really helps me out and it's meaningful to me!


Is there an ending where the protagonist adopts Erika?



Yep there is one! You have to make some specifics choices to have that ending. 

If you don't succeed to reach that ending, please send me an email at: letigamevisualnovel@gmail.com , I will tell you in detail how to reach it :) 


This was very well written. I really enjoyed the story and the characters.  Great job! Hopefully you plan to do more bisual novels in the future for you have great potential. 

Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm happy that you liked the story and characters 😊 It's definitely in my plan to make more visual novels in the future.

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very good! found this while looking for dating sims. not what i was looking for, certainly, but i enjoyed it quite a lot. story and everything was quite well done, and while there are times where your choices don't matter, it's more realistic because you're part of a team, and there ARE places where your choices DO matter. i feel like i got the ideal ending, but i'm not sure since there wasn't any particular way to tell it from others (apart from obvious bad ends). that's really my only complaint. good job! thanks for letting us play it for free, but i think it would do well, especially on steam where there could be achievements for the different endings.

and btw, i play a LOT of these games, and am often quite critical of them, not least of all because my type of personality tends to be poorly represented, and the guys tend to gross me out. i feel like you did a masterfull job of balancing both so that it would appeal to anyone :)


Thank you so much for this detailed comment! 
I'm really happy that you enjoyed the game!😊
It's really meaningful to me that you liked it even with your big experience with this kind of game! I, myself play quite a lot of them and tried to put in this what I would like to see in these games :) 

Actually I planned to document myself to release it on steam ( will have to see if I can manage the system for the achievements for the different endings though) 

I understand for your complaint that you weren't sure of what ending you got, what would you have liked to have to figure that out? A complete list of the endings for example? Or more detailed names for the endings? Don't hesitate to tell me, so I can try to improve this game or the next one that I'll make!

And thank you again for your kind words, it means a lot to me ❀


the way i usually see it done is an 'ending gallery' of sorts, such as a numbered list where each ending is ???? until you get it, and then you can click it to see the cg for it or something once you've reached it at least once.

Really awesome game!  I loved that it had so many different endings, and it was awesome that there were CG's for them so I knew if I'd gotten them all.  

I did have a bit of trouble with 1 CG and emailed the dev to see if they could help me out, they emailed me right back so I was able to get the last one.  Had to satisfy the completionist in me!   

Highly recommended!

Thank you so much for your comment!
I'm very happy that you liked the game and that you completed all the endings 😊
Thank you again for your kind words ❀

Best  visual novel game  I played in a while, somewhat felt that I really am the main character. Loved all the characters, especially Matt ;)

Thank you so much! You can't imagine how much I'm happy that you enjoyed it and that you liked the characters! 
Thank you again, for playing the game and for your kind comment :)

I been waiting for the full game to come out I'm so excited cant wait to see what endings I can get, great game

Thank you so much! 
I hope that you'll enjoy it and like the endings you'll get :) 

I had the opportunity to be the first beta tester of the game. And I enjoyed it ! It means that I played the full version of the game (not only the demo). It took me most of 20 hours to gets all CG and all the endings, because there are a lot of interesting choice and possible routes to try.

I mostly liked the scenario which is leading the game as a strong element. It happens a lot of things in this adventure thriller. There is some nice ambiances and strong emotions. Some nice sounds really helps in this purpose.

About characters now:

- Some actions made by the player are critical, and the other people remember it to you and don't react the same if you did a choice instead an other. It's really appreciable

- I thought that the child would be boring, because I don't like children irl, but, finally this character was not annoying and even cute sometime.

- I'm a guy, so I was not specially interested to achieve the romance with Matt... But you can finish the game without being in love with him because the story is enough interesting in itself.

Finally, I would to say to persons who thinks that the graphics are a bit lower than in some other visual novels : yes, the art is not the really best part of the game, but play it for the story ! Art is good enough to support efficiently the story. It’s the most important in my opinion.

Don't forget that Letigame is not a big studio, it's an indie developer, and all the game was done by a single one person ! Encourage her with downloads and play the game, don't hesitate to send smart critics, and be sure that the next game will be even better thanks to you :)

Try it, it's free, there is nothing to lost. You will enjoy it ;)

Thank you for your kind words!

It really makes me happy that you liked it even if you're not the target audience. 

And thank you so much again for beta testing the game, it was a greater help than you can imagine :)

Looking forward to more :)



Thank you :D I hope that you will like the full game :) 

And thank you again for making a review of the demo, it's really nice for me to see what you thought of it :)

(1 edit)
  • Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo?

I did enjoy the story a lot. It is a rather unique story that you don't really see too often, which was my favorite part of the demo. I also enjoyed how many choices were offered to me.

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

So far, I think my favorite character would be Amanda. I think I might later like Erika, but it's hard to tell at this point. I like Amanda because she is really kind and helpful.

  • Who is your least favorite character and why?

Least favorite is Matt because he seems a bit to brusque. Hopefully further down the plot he opens up and becomes softer.

  • What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her?

I did enjoy the protagonist--especially how I was able to choose how she reacted to situations. Too often visual novels tell you how the protag reacts, which makes it harder to relate.

  • What is your opinion of the artwork?

I think the artwork needs improvement. The backdrops look fine, but I think the sprites could be touched up a bit.

  • What do you think of the story so far?

I thoroughly enjoyed the story and was disappointed that the demo ended so soon.

  • Was there something that bothered you about the game?

The only thing I didn't like was how clumsy the protagonist is--but it might be realistic given the situation she was in, but it just seems to be a common trope.

  • Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes?

There were a fair amount of spelling and grammar mistakes. It began to detract from the overall story, but I might be more picky considering I have an English degree. If you do need an extra hand with typos/spelling errors/grammatical mistakes feel free to contact me!

  • What would you say needs the most improvement?

Besides the spelling issues, I think the artwork needs the most improvement.

  • Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released?

Definitely. The story is intriguing and I would like to finish it.

  • The protagonist doesn't have a sprite. Did it bothered you? Did it help you to relate to her or would you prefer her to have one?

I would actually like to see a sprite for the main protag. It would be even better if we could possibly choose from like two different sprites to help us relate more to her.

  • Any other comments?

I offered my assistance regarding the spelling and grammar mistakes, so if you feel like you need some help, please feel free to contact me! My email is rebeccaschmieman@ymail.com

(3 edits)

- Hi Lady Schmarmalade!

Thank you for giving me your feedback.

I am happy that you enjoyed the story and the demo overall. (It made me smile when you saif you were disappointed the demo ended so soon :p )

For Matt : I have to say that in otome game I like the rude type of guy that opens up later on so I automatically made Matt this way x) I hope you'll come to like him.

I am relieved that you liked the protagonist and the amount of choices that are offered to you. It's one of the thing that I find the most difficult to do, to imagine what other persons would do or not do, like or don't like...

I take note of your comment on the artwork. I have to say I don't really know how I can improve the sprites right now, but I'll search how to do it.

I understand your opinion on the clumsiness of the protag, it's true that this is a common trope, so I'll try to not use it too much.

In the end maybe I'll make a sprite for the protag, at first I though that it would be better to not have one, but as I made progress in the story I began to doubt. So thank you for your opinion!

For the typos and spelling mistakes :

I am sorry that it distracted you from the story :(

And thank you so much for offering me your help! I definitely need an extra hand with this.

So it might take a while for me to finish the script but I will contact you as soon as I have a final version of it. I take note of your email adress.

(1 edit)
  • Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo?

I did! It reminded of those escape games where you have to look around and find out how to escape. I think my favorite thing was the mystery of the story. It makes me want to find out what the truth is.

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

The protagonist. I like how can you shape her personality and also her morality by the choices you make.

  • Who is your least favorite character and why?

I don't really have one. If I have to choose, it would be Matt just because he's hard to figure out so far.

  • What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her?

I like her. She starts off as kind of a blank slate, so I'm not sure if it's easy to relate to her. There's no information on her yet. But I like how we get to choose things like helping people or not.

  • What is your opinion of the artwork?

I like it

  • What do you think of the story so far?

It's really mysterious and intriguing. I want to know who these people are. And I want to know why everything is happening

  • Was it something that bothered you about the game?

Did the story bother me? Only in that I wanted to know more!

  • Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes?

Yeah. There were quite a few actually. And commas weren't always used correctly, but the typos are more important I think. What would you say needs the most improvement?

The spelling/typos

  • Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released?

Yeah! I want to know what happened in the beginning, and I want to see how it ends!

  • What would you be willing to pay for the full game? ( I don't know yet if it will be pay what you want or commercial. )

That depends on how long the game is. Up to $20 maybe?

  • Any other comments?

Especially toward the beginning, there was a lot of text on the screen. It felt like a lot of words. Maybe consider breaking those sentences up into more than one screen, just so it's not so many to look at on one screen. It can get overwhelming if too many sentences are shown at one time.

Hi Tomey!

I say it again here, thank you for your feedback!

I am really happy that your favorite character is the protagonist, I was afraid that the player would not be able to shape her personality enough to relate to her.

I understand your opinion on Matt ^^ I hope you'll like him more in the full game as he is the only romanceable character ><

I know I need to work on the typos and spelling mistakes, I hope I'll get enough help when I'll finish the script.

I am really happy that you wanted to know more :p I can't wait to know your opinion on the full game when it will be released ^^

I'll break the sentences of the text when there is a lot, like you said it can be overwhelming to have so many sentence at once.

Again thank you for your feedback :D

(1 edit)

Just finished this demo of it. I like the story plot for it the artwork was done nicely. I like the MC she seems strong and capable of handling herself. There was about 10 errors spelling/grammar wise but nothing dreadful that would be a easy fix. There was plenty of good options for scenario choices to be picked. The demo was a great length just enough to be a teaser! I can't vouch for the music as my sound system died on me earlier today when I was downloading this I dropped the speaker. I would definitely pay $19.99 for this game. I found Matt interesting as people like that make want to poke them further to get a reaction. Though I think there is more to Erika than meets the eye. Finally found the post on tumblr again:

  • Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo ? Yes I enjoyed it, I like that it gave just enough of a tease for the game.
  • Who is your favorite character and why? Matt, I like people who are a bit arrogant to play a game against the MC.
  • Who is your least favorite character and why? Amanda but just because I think there is something fishy about her.
  • What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her ? She is quite relate-able, I like that getting hurt doesn't burst her out in tears instead focusing on the task at hand.
  • What is your opinion of the artwork? It is very pleasing artwork.
  • What do you think of the story so far? Yes, I want to learn more about it!
  • Was it something that bothered you about the game? Perhaps a "affection" meter?
  • Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes? Like 10 errors, easy fixes though.
  • What would you say needs the most improvement? Nothing that I can think of.
  • Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released? Yes!
  • What would you be willing to pay for the full game ? ( I don't know yet if it will be pay what you want or commercial. ) $19.99
  • Any other comments?

Hello itshaejinju !

You make me sooo happy with your feedback :D Even more because you liked it and you are enthusiastic about it :p

I am sorry that you're sound system died during the download ><

I am happy that you like Matt :p It's funny because depending on the player, this one may love him or hate him xD but I am like you, I like people who are a bit arrogant and all that in this kind of game :p

I am relieved that you think that the demo is a great length, I was afraid that it was too short :o But i didn't want to give too much of the story ><

I hope that you'll play the full game when it will be released and that you will enjoy where the story is going :p

Thank you so much again for you feedback and support ! I hope to hear you again when I update my blog or release the game :p

  • Did you enjoy it overall? What did you like the most in the demo ?

Yes I did enjoy it. I enjoyed the constant input, I prefer there to be a lot of choices.

  • Who is your favorite character and why?

Erika, she seemed interesting and mysterious.

  • Who is your least favorite character and why?

Matt but I think I was supposed to dislike him. Found him arrogant.

  • What do you think of the protagonist ? Can you relate to her ?

I can relate to her. I found her strong without being preachy.

  • What is your opinion of the artwork?

I'm no critic or expert but I thought it was good and on par with other visual novels.

  • What do you think of the story so far?

I found it interesting. Some demos give too much away but yours kept me interested.

  • Was it something that bothered you about the game?

No, nothing at all bothered me.

  • Did you find any typos or spelling mistakes?

There were a few, mainly typos. For a non native English speaker I think you did well.

  • What would you say needs the most improvement?

I didn't really come away with any negatives, maybe fix the typos.

  • Do you think you'll play the finished game once it's released?

I certainly hope to.

  • What would you be willing to pay for the full game ? ( I don't know yet if it will be pay what you want or commercial. )

I would prefer to pay you for it. I would easily pay $20 but could be persuaded for $30 if the story is good.

  • Any other comments?

Keep up the good work.

Thank you very much for your feedback !

I am really happy that you enjoyed playing the demo and I hope you'll play the full game when it will be released ^^

Actually I was a little afraid that the demo would maybe be too short, but I though that it would give too much detail about the story if I added more, so I am happy that you say that it kept you interested :)

I take note of your comment, and again, thank you very much for playing and reviewing my demo !