Update 12/05/2019

Hi there!

It’s been a while that I didn’t make an update, sorry >< I just didn’t have so much to say as I was waiting for my first beta tester to send me feedback ^^

So I did plenty of polish on the story, CG, background and I did some debugging. My beta tester found out that some of my endings weren’t totally working, I didn’t code it properly ><

So I corrected it and … what was more than 200 lines of code became around 100 lines of code, much better!

The second beta tester will start testing soon :D

If you  want to be part of the beta testing/proofreading team, send me an email at : letigamevisualnovel@gmail.com

Here a little screenshot of Matt! Isn’t he cute all cleaned up and with his hair down? :p

The progress so far:

Story : 100%
Sprites : 100%
Backgrounds : 100%
CG : 100%
GUI : 100%
Sounds and Music : 100%
Programming : 100%
Proofreading: 98%
Beta Testing : 18%
Edit after beta testing : 18%

As always, thank you for your support and patience <3

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