Update 02/07/2018

Hi there! 

It’s been really hot in Paris this week end, I’ve been a little sick ( I’m so good with managing really hot weather ^^’ ) But now the temperature dropped a little, so it’s bearable again ^^
I decided to try to post update more regularly! We’ll see if I manage to do that x)

So I’ve been quite productive! I’ve done some programming and some drawings.
I worked on 4 CG and 1 background.

If you didn’t play the last version of the demo, here’s the first CG of the game!


The progress so far: 
Story : 100%
Sprites : 80%
Backgrounds : 65%
CG : 25%
GUI : 95%
Sounds and Music : 70%
Programming : 86%
Proofreading: 98%

And that’s it for this update ;) 
Thank you for your support!

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