Update 17/10/2018

Hi there! 

It’s been a while since the last update sorry >< 
Last time,I showed to you the trailer of “Up until the end” :D I hope that you liked it. If you didn’t see it, here’s it is:

I polished things, again, in the code, sprites, and CG.
I’m at the stage where I have to test the game in every route possible, to see if there is any problem, bugs, code errors or things that need more polish. Ii will take some time, but it has to be done!
So, as you can see, we’re slowly but surely progressing towards the end! Youhou!!

And here's the second CG that you will encounter in the game! 
Why is he in such a bad condition? :o

The progress so far: 
Story : 100%
Sprites : 97%
Backgrounds : 95%
CG : 90%
GUI : 95%
Sounds and Music : 90%
Programming : 97%
Proofreading: 98%

And that’s it for this update ;) 
Thank you for your support!

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